Exonx srl

Simulation and Modelling Laboratory

Exonx offers electromagnetic simulation and material characterization up to 40GHz.

  • Creation of the model and electromagnetic simulation. The result is a report in accordance with the standard ISO 17025 in the relevant parts.
  • Electromagnetic results are calculated taking into account the applicable standards: CE, FCC, ETSI, ISO and CISPR Automotive and the standard of the main OEMs (VW, Mercedes, BMW, FCA)
  • Measurement of electromagnetic parameters of materials by applying the standard ASTM D7449-14 coaxial line in the air.
  • SAR calculation according to the standards IEC/EN 62311
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13 September 2023

EMC/EMI simulation

​EMC/EMI simulation has become an effective tool for the development of electronic devices. We support you to achieve effective results in a short time.

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24 February 2023

Material testing: permittivity and permeability

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